Jan 222012

Now isn’t this commendable! I stumbled on your site by accident. What a nice idea.

I am a manufacturer’s rep. and it is as lonely a job as you can imagine. I get paid on commission only. If I make a sale, I get paid, if I don’t, I don’t. I sell apparell to smaller shops in malls and strip malls.

It is a very tough market – lots of competitors with lots of choices. Because of the economy, margins have eroded.

This was a tough year for me (2011) and I was barely surviving. I had been trying to break into this store for the last three years but was not having any luck. They have 8 stores and the holiday season was approaching. I knew if I can get in, it would make my year.

On one of my visits, I got an inkling that they may be open to me if I can somehow help them with financing.

I called my manufacturer and spoke to the regional manager. He promised to talk to the Finance guys. After going back and forth, they offered to finance 25%.

In the meantime, I had been talking to a local bank and when they heard that my manufacturer would finance 25%, they agreed to finance 40% of the sale.

With the two offers in hand, I went back to the owner and laid my offers on the table. With 65% financing, he relented and I got my single largest order of the year for 2011 of a little over a million dollars.

It made my year and I have a happy new customer.

Caroline Chung

Why don’t you share your success with others. We can only applaud.

Jan 062012

Being self employed for over 20 years, I always felt that there should be a forum where self employed people can share their successes and get some peer applause.

In a corporate setup, when you achieve something, your colleagues gather and cheer you, you are given awards, you get mentioned in the company circular and you get recognized in some form. The self employed person has no such medium.

We are all human beings and once in a while, we want someone to pat us on the back and say well done. We want to share our achievements and have a moment of pride in being acknowledged.

Well now the self employed have a forum. If you have something to share about your achievements, feel free to submit your story here. Don’t make it a commercial Ad. That’s not the purpose of this forum. Just share an honest story and let others give you a pat on the back.



N. K. Babar

PS: Why don’t you share your success with others. We can only applaud.

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